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Now this is something new. Right, Zuck? Straight to the point – please avoid following our page at Facebook and acting on it. For now we will not be active there. Feel free to find us elsewhere like shown on our follow widget throughout our site. Here is how it looks like:

The one and only account I, svet0slav, created just to maintain that page was disabled. When I login, I see this amazing box as shown below:

FaceBLOCKSeriously? Because the account was just created and started posting about cool/hot stuff? It had no friends maybe? Had 1 friend actually. Was just getting to adding more. Because it had only one black and white photo maybe? Whats wrong with being old school? Because Facebook can’t afford to hire humans for support maybe? Because Facebook asks you for your ID when they disable your account? When did Facebook become the Police? Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense? Control is under control? No? Go figure…

Who cares, really? Let’s move on. Now you know it makes absolutely no sense to Facebook us. Hope that is crystal clear. We are FaceBLOCKed. You’ll be addressing a wall after all. Pun intended.

See you around! Best regards!

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