(English) Ditching Instagram, Reddit, VK… Social Media Not Like

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We are ditching Instagram today. We do not like it anymore just like we do not like Facebook for a reason. Not that we really ever enjoyed being involved with these two… The unfriendly people behind these two services seem to not like honesty and would not let us do what we need to grow. Oh! Yes! Reddit does not allow us to post to our own subreddit. Do not contact us on any of these services, if you happen to find anything related to us there. It is not ours and it is not us.

Not like truth. Maybe this is the new social media motto? Don’t like us? Keep them coming. Maybe like always we do the right thing again and nobody likes. It is not the first time in this pathetic world with it’s limited dimensions. It appears to me that the representatives of the truth behind all the [email protected]#$ in it need to be replaced. As soon as possible. Would not like to comment further. It is not true. Oh… Right! VK seems to be of no use, either.

Please note: we do not care, but since you may do, we thought to let you know. So now you know! By the way, we are still on Twitter and Telegram. Let’s see how long this may last. Have a great whatever you are having! 🙂

Thank you for your attention. Good luck with your promotional campaigns!

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