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Now, now… We know you are all busy. Everyone is. The situation demands it. Say hello from Sublime Revenue! To the busy situation, of course!
Now we made it possible for you to add and remove offers to a list of favourites. Or favorites. Up to you, really. It will be a bookmark ribbon you will see next to your favourite offers on your dashboard, statistics, offers pages, system emails… You should have gotten the idea by now.  Feel free to test the feature and let us know what you think…
Something got your attention and you want to save it for later? This does not usually work well in marketing and you have to act immediately without missing an opportunity, but if you really want to mark certain offers for any reason, this feature is for you. Special thanks goes to our affiliate littles. You received your bonus, right? So I’ve heard. Enjoy! 😉
That was it really. Nothing else here. For now. How about some more personal touch? Would you, affiliates, like to be able to add your own personal notes to each offer, too? You know we could hash them, so these notes could be only available to your account and your account only, right? Nobody else is going to read it. It is for you. Sublime Revenue is for you. Let us know what you need. We could most probably do it without being Santa… And it is summer. Ask and you shall receive. Simple as that.
In the end, what do you think about this feature? You could simply use bookmarks on your browser? What if they get lost or deleted? Anything you would like to add? Yes! You!
Good luck with your promotional campaigns! Knowledge usually helps better. Give it a try!

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