Introducing… New token

It is hot and necessary. Introducing new token [external_source_clickID].

We highly recommend using this token for what it says – the unique visitor identifier variable of your external sources: such as ad networks. Tracking IDs are good to use for your own sources, apps and websites. If you don’t want to end up seeing lots of unique records for each user you send in your tracking IDs statistics, then this token is the right one for you. It stores the external click ID records in our database, but does not appear in statistics. This way you could filter Tracking IDs only without having to deal with the string you don’t really care about that much. Now… This also leaves 1 tracking ID empty for your tracking purposes. If the click ID value is of that much of great importance to you to monitor, you can see it in the postbacks logs for conversions and the requests made by our system to your external sources’ API. New year – new token, they say. Or not…

Hope this helps. Good luck with your promotional campaigns!

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